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Michael Cogdill - TV Journalist WYFF4

Michael Cogdill - TV Journalist WYFF4

We highly recommend Chris & Meranda. It’s not just about the house it’s about the lifelong relationship; they put a spiritual roof over your head well before the structure goes up. As Herb Kelleher likes to say, “A company is stronger when bound by love not fear.” I agree completely that the Stoneledge team are all about love! They take family like care of their owners through it all and beyond. They are truly beautiful souls!

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Dear Chris, Meranda and entire Stoneledge Group –

We are so thankful and happy with our new home. We have shouted your praises with all our friends and those looking to build a new home. We are thank you for all of your help and attention during the whole process. We wish you all the very best in your work and good health to all.

Thank you for everything Bill and Shelby

Dear Stoneledge Family,
A big day for us today as we close on good old Lot 44! We could not be happier with our experience and the way things have turned out. We have shared a creative journey that in some ways I hate to see end, and in others I am thrilled to be on the other side! I know I am going to be so excited at the closing that I will not have the presence of mind to say how much I appreciate each of you.


You will always have a special place in my heart because, being an accounting nerd, I can appreciate a great one when I see it. You easily explained every question I ever asked quickly, with patience and great understanding. You are a great asset to Stoneledge.


I did not get to spend a whole lot of time with you, but I knew from the outset at Gateway, that you knew what you were “talkin” about. Your alertness and attention to detail is outstanding.I so appreciate you jumping in when McKenna was out and you did not miss a beat! And, of course, I love a fast email response and your are the queen!


From the moment I met you, in the early days as we looked at wedding swatches, I felt that you took me along with you on your extraordinary wedding journey. It was my good fortune to be able to share that journey with you and I wish you at least as many happy years as we have had, which will be 42 years in April. Your good taste and judgement was helpful in smoothing the way so that I could realize the vision.


Well, you know you sold me by taking me into your inner sanctum! Such fabulous taste I have rarely seen (and I do expect a private tour of the new home with a special stop in the champagne room!) Your expertise in the hard details of design is unsurpassed. I can not thank you enough for making this process so easy and fun.


WOW, you are the perfect foreman; Calm, collected, quick, responsive….. I can not say enough. The perfect emissary for the image that I think Stoneledge wants to project. Actually, I think you are part wizard!


You are the whole package! I am in awe of you and your system. You don’t get to this juncture without a lot, a lot, of hard work and I congratulate you on what you have achieved.

These are but some of the attributes that I have appreciated:

Your are the master. I just have to love someone who emails back within the hour, no matter the time of day. (only lawyers do that!) This just made the process so much easier and reassuring.


Be it building code or material issues, you always knew the answer. We all want a professional who understands and is confident in their knowledge of their subject matter and the buck always stopped with you.


The online budget tool creates transparency is very helpful in tracking where the money goes. I felt that everyone did an excellent job staying within budget guidelines.

Integrity & Honesty

As the little bumps in the road appeared, you addressed any issue in a straightforward manner and were willing to do everything you could to make the situation right.


A schedule that runs like the German train system….need I say more? And hell, you’re just a nice guy, always in a good mood, even tempered, willing to put up with all our angst. I will always be a cheerleader for you and if there is anything I can do to help, you know I’m just an email away.


Mike and I couldn’t have picked a better builder to go with! The entire Stoneledge Team and everyone associated with Stoneledge has been awesome!!! Forever Grateful!!!

Lindsey Watson

I am writing this letter of recommendation to express our appreciation of the unique and individualized service provided by Stoneledge Properties; Chris and Meranda Bailey in the custom home building industry. Several years ago we reviewed a number of luxury homebuilders in the Greenville / Spartanburg area. We chose Stoneledge Properties and found that they exceeded our expectations in every way! Their team’s communication thru the entire process was outstanding, guiding us through each stage of the project. Chris & his team would patiently answer all questions surrounding the smallest detail of building our new home, pointing out key items that increased our understanding of the level of quality & craftsmanship which they incorporate into each home they build.

Additionally, Chris would routinely work with us on alterations we requested during any stage of construction, seamlessly following through in the incorporation of changes to the plan which we requested.

Meranda and her design team worked tirelessly with us to customize our interior design elements, taking the time to understand our likes and dislikes while professionally incorporating those elements into all aspects of our home!

Their ability to accommodate the level of involvement we wanted in the process really made a huge difference for us as first time home building clients. While all of the aforementioned certainly would support the selection of Stoneledge Properties as the custom builder of choice, the most important element for us was Chris and Meranda’s integrity and consideration in maintaining a supportive relationship for us well after the project ended. In the subsequent years since our home was completed in 2013, we had a couple very minor things to address as well as related questions. Chris provided us with timely responses and at times has absorbed expenses he would not be contractually responsible for, all in his efforts to deliver world-class customer service!

For anyone looking to build a custom home it is important to find a builder who will be an advocate for the customer, has solid quality control standards in place, great communication skills, can deliver on time and within budget as well as a builder that is eager to work with the owner throughout the design and construction process. In the case of Stoneledge Properties you also get a team that will provide support well beyond any contractual requirements as well as a “friend” in the end, that sort of peace of mind is invaluable!

Scott and Danielle Fredey

This is our 5th home being built and our experience with Chris and Meranda is by far the best of the previous four. As the owner of Stoneledge, Chris has been hands on from the start of design through every aspect of the build. He pays attention to detail, insists on quality, and takes added measures to ensure his homes are embedded with excellence. He has been a reliable source of advice, has kept us informed, and has been flexible and accommodating to changes. I am a detailed guy and Chris has more than met my expectations with information. As importantly, Chris is responsive when contacted. I've never met a builder more involved with his product or one who takes more pride in his work. Jo Beth sings the praise of Meranda, the design expert. Meranda provides the easiest and most efficient selection process of any Jo Beth has experienced. She provides great advice, knows her business, and is a delight to work with.

Jim & Jo Beth Cravens

Meranda, I just wanted to take a moment to let you both know how thankful I am that you are in my life. The past year has been a wonderful experience! I never could have dreamed that I would have such an absolutely stunning home!! I was in awe when I saw the final floor plan that we designed, when ground broke and then the framing was completed I was amazed! What an emotional time it was for me, knowing all the hard work you, Chris; have done behind the scenes to build this quality home, and you Meranda; for helping me design my fabulous kitchen, all the cabinets, picking out the plumbing fixtures, tile and, doing all this while I was thousands of miles around the world! Every time I see more pictures I am blown away. I never imagined something so beautiful! You two truly do put your heart and soul into your homes. Again, I am so thankful I found you both, you have made this time in my life so memorable and an experience of a lifetime!

Gina Marie Gottschalk

Angie and I both wanted to say thanks, you could not have done a better job! We really didn’t need to come to the walk thru today except to praise your work…. It was the best part of our day! Once again I learned that there is always a better way to exceed your customers’ expectations….

Sam & Angie Kelly

While most builders strive for excellence, Stoneledge Properties actually delivers on excellence! I feel that they have found the winning combination of service during the build, quality controls, and service after the sale. Their long list of satisfied clients can attest to the thoroughness of their processes, quality of the homes they build, ease of the design/build process as well their dedication to client satisfaction after closing.

They are dedicated and streamlined in the communication of information to their clients with their online information portal (CMS) Construction Management Software suite! They use this tool very effectively for all aspects of the project from scheduling, budgets, selections, information sharing, photos, closing and warranty. It made our build experience a true joy!

Stoneledge Properties has the knowledge, experience, resources and work ethic to provide top quality homes and a hassle free experience for their clients! My professional background is in the commercial construction industry and I chose Stoneledge Properties to build my personal home because I could clearly see their business model! From the in-depth knowledge, experience and high level of organization, I knew they were the team I was searching for! They are a results orientated luxury home builder not a marketing oriented builder!

Charley Kleier, President, Spectrum Interiors

Meranda & Chris,

It was a pleasure meeting you, spending time with you to discuss our dream home!! I’m a believer in connection and transparency and I’m so thankful our meeting went so well. Jarrell and I have prayed without ceasing for direction and connection. When we drove up to your breathtaking home, we sat in the car and prayed. When we walked in and sat down, a tremendous sense of peace overwhelmed me. We are truly blessed, and we are looking forward to working with you!!

Gwen Hall

As owner of HGI Cabinetry, I want to say thank you for everything you have done for our team. This is more than a Corporate thank you and keep up the good work, this is “thank you” for believing in me and the team while encouraging us to be the best we can possibly be, thank you for your loyalty and thank you for running your business in such a way that brings integrity and honesty to the construction world.

I have been fortunate enough to be part of your world for many years and I have watched you move from your early career in the materials distribution business to someone living out their dreams and building something special without letting success get the best of you. I have watched you deal with adversity both personally and professionally, without losing focus or faith. You have challenged me out of my comfort zone at times but each time I grow and learn a little more.

I believe that you and Meranda have been faithful with little things and God has truly Blessed you and your family beyond measure. As we move into the future, I consider it a privilege to be part of the Stoneledge team. I have never been more excited about starting the New Year with opportunities that are ahead of us.

Please extend my gratitude & appreciation to Meranda and the entire team!

Tim Howard, HGI Cabinetry

We couldn't be happier with our choice to go with Stoneledge Properties. Working with Meranda for design & selections has been smooth sailing! She listens to what we say and takes notes of our has been just fabulous work with her."

Scott & Briana Wattenberg

My experience with Stoneledge Properties exceeded my expectations. Chris Bailey builds a house of exceptional quality, while his wife Meranda assists the client in creative and innovative interior designs. Chris and Meranda are very personable and go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

Elisabeth S. Cox

Your attention to detail, communication, great ideas and dedication to what you do shines thru in the quality and design aesthetics while the peace of mind that we have with the home is priceless! Thank you again; this experience has proven to me that all things are simple if you choose the right people!

The Arledge Family

PO Box 26867 Greenville SC 29616-1867
Office: 864-286-6141