Our Design Process

Stoneledge Properties

Every Detail Matters

Share your dream. We are here to listen as every detail matters to us. It’s these details that will become the foundation which propel your dream into reality.

Our desire is to establish working relationships that “Withstand Time”. We will design and engineer your home for quality, comfort and luxury. We capture every detail of your dream all the while weaving it into a home expertly crafted for your family!

1. Initial Meeting:

Learning your interest in custom home building, as well as discussing plans, property options, and general pricing guidelines.

2. Planning Meeting

A detailed questionnaire helps Stoneledge Properties pinpoint your specific needs while determining more specific cost from start to finish.

3.Plan Development

We prefer only AIA registered Architects so that you can rest assured you are getting the most creative, efficient and timeless design possible. We sit with you and “guide” you through the entire process of home design! It is a fun experience that clients appreciate.

4.Home Placement:

This phase helps us to determine the best on-site position of your home as we consider factors such as sunrise/sunset, topography, tree density, pools, detached buildings and more.

5.Pricing Phase & Lifestyle Analysis®

Stoneledge Properties’ unique Lifestyle Analysis® is a tool that we utilize to capture the way you live. We examine your expectations regarding finishes and included items for your home. Our Lifestyle Analysis, paired with a detailed and exact materials take off of your home, allow us to know “exactly” what your home will cost prior to the build process.

6.Contracting Phase

During this phase we present you with a detailed proposal and specifications as well as the build contract documentation for your review. This begins the exciting process of building your home!

After we complete the Design process we move on to the Build Process

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