Our Design Center

A Unique & Creative Approach

Our simplistic full service construction approach builds the perfect “Home Place” for your family to begin the next phase of your lives!

Meranda Bailey

Our Design Center

There is something captivating about all of the details that will be designed into your new home. How well the floor plan is designed, essentially transforms a house into a home and provides for the ultimate in livability. The small touches of organization that we build into cabinet designs and closet designs also adding to increased daily living enjoyment. Our unique Ceilings with Style® can add a touch of elegance to even utilitarian spaces.

Great plan design must also have a creative touch.

That’s why our Design Team (MB Interiors and Design LLC), led by Meranda Bailey, is at your full disposal throughout the building process. The design team makes easy work of the endless array of building materials, interior finishes, furnishings, fabrics, colors and home décor accessories. Our stream-lined processes make the fabled “chore” of design fun and enjoyable!

We are experts at creating both timeless designs and providing you with all of the luxurious and interesting touches that make your home uniquely you. We believe building should be fun and rewarding…. so we take our job of indulging you very seriously.

Our desire is to establish working relationships that “Withstand Time”. We will design and engineer your home for quality, comfort and luxury. We capture every detail of your dream all the while weaving it into a home expertly crafted for your family!

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