Managing the Build

Stoneledge's Dedicated Build Software

Imagine viewing the entire building process of your new home from anywhere at any time. You direct your dream from your fingertips.

We make this process available to you through our innovative Construction Management Software (CMS) system. With this specialized software, you can track construction costs and allowance items; follow the construction time line with a detailed Gantt Chart; Pay draws or change orders; initiate and place service orders for any needed warranty items, access contracts, plans, specifications and other critical documents 24/7! We provide you with a closing date as soon as construction begins.

Cost Tracking

Our CMS Tracks all construction costs and allowance items. All your costs available to you at a glance 24/7, you are always informed.


A detailed Gantt Chart to follow the construction schedule and time line. A closing date is provided when construction begins.

Make Payment

Our CMS adds the convenience and ability to pay draws, or change orders on line.

Warranty Information

Warranty items are tracked online.

Makes The Selection Process Easy

Selections are made and tracked online so you always know what has been selected.

All Importants Documents At Your Fingertips

Contracts, plans and all other critical documents are available 24/7 on line.

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